China’s National Party Congress is running from Oct. 16 through October 20. Much Western Press reportage of this every-five-year event is loaded with Western bias to outright falsehoods.

A major falsehood is that Xi Jinping will “be elected Chairman for life.” It must be remembered that when Mao lay on his deathbed for many months, a severe earthquake struck Tangshan and nearly 240,000 citizens died because the People’s Liberation Army that is dispatched for rescue efforts---similar to our National Guard—remained in barracks due to the uncertainty of takeover by the Gang of Four. That earthquake struck on July 28, 1976. Mao lingered on his deathbed until September 9. The “Gang of Four” were arrested on October 4, 1976. So when Deng Xiaoping rose to power and began the opening-up of China, he made sure there were term limits added to their Constitution. Deng he saw the need for ongoing command and orderly continuity in succession. China’s leaders still recognize that today.